My Mandate As Host
As a trained biblical counselor and the host of Divine Connection, I assure you that DC is positioned to provide scriptural guidance, advice, direction, consultation and recommendation as solicited by the counsellee towards the solving of personal problems or issues of life and living. My primary role is to help the counselee unlock the inner vows and function within his or her potential or purpose. Romans 15:4 say, “For whatsoever things were written aforetime were written for our learning, that we through patience and comfort of the scriptures might have hope.” To do this, I will focus on the problems and bring the problems in subjection to the Word and will of God. I will help the counsellees to see their situation from a God-led perspective. I’ll show counsellees through the Bible that there is hope and God can turn around the situation for their good if they believe and are willing to follow the guidelines laid down by the Holy Spirit.

Though our focus is young people, mature singles and those who hurt from relationships, we would offer counsel to those who solicit same in any of the following areas: life purpose, career, relationship (parent-child, dating, courtship), marriage, family, financial management, grief, behavioral (addictions, anger, worry, fear) and crisis counselling. I will work with them to come to a better understanding of who they are (their calling and career), achieve personal goals in line with God’s will and gain better insights to life and living. 

HOMES (Harvest Of Marriages Empowerment Summit) 2013

For those interested in relationship counseling, we have the following plan:
1.     Join free by registering online (Freelance Membership). Benefits include response to questions asked openly on our websites, webpages, social sites like Facebook and access to online resources.
2.     Join by paying a fee (Registered Membership). Benefits include one-on-one counsel, review of past and present relationships (if any), profiling, direct link to an eligible partner (spinster or bachelor) and/or purpose, free or discount access to events and direct access to the Host or any of our Coordinators.

As part of our policy, we have made it clear that we only counsel or network believers who are heterosexuals, with their permission. We also let our members know that though we connect people, only God can connect hearts. As such, we guide and do not compel any member to accept or go further with any match. We would continue to implore all members to act as real Christians in all their dealings with other members especially those matched for the purpose of marriage. Christians will not raise hope where there is none and Christians will yield to the Holy Spirit and not the flesh. To remain within our calling, our core book of reference remains the Bible.

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Vision of Divine Connection
Divine Connection (DC) was borne out of the challenges experienced by men and women who are marriageable, dedicated to God's purpose but yet to connect to God's divine partner of the opposite gender. While our focal audience are Christian believers, others are welcome to join and attend our events. Connecting mature singles divinely is about sharing ideas and experiences as a way of connecting all the puzzles to make the end result - marriage - not only possible but enjoyable. DC is about developing a mind that functions positively - now and then - to the glory of God.

DC's Inaugural Breakfast Meeting in USA (Guess Pass)
DC's Inaugural Dinner in Nigeria (Poster & Flier)

Inaugural Dinner (Guess Pass)

Mission of Divine Connection
Our mission is to meet the needs of mature singles by creating Eden i.e. conducive environment through which they can meet and interact. These events will influence networking and help build skills needed for positive and enduring relationships. Our services include, DC Newsletter (which would translate into a magazine by 2014), DC Quarterly Online, DC Counselling, DC Meetings (Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner), DC Summit (brand-named HOMES - Harvest Of Marriages Empowerment Summit), DC Retreat, DC Tour, DC Celebration and D-Connect. Feel free to ask for information on how to support or be part of each one. We have a book – What is wrong with us? Nuggets About Mature Singles. The truth in the book liberated many mature singles, including the author, and help those who work with mature singles to understand them better. Request for your copy today! All proceeds from the book go into DC.

For more information about our plans, projects and programmes, email the host of Divine Connection via annecares@hotmail.com. Thank you and God bless.