Sunday, 11 May 2014

Prayer Points for Singles

  1. Lord, we give thanks for the creation of Divine Connection and those we are called to serve.
  2. Dear Lord, we give thanks for the sustenance and success of Divine Connection, DC HOMES (Divine Connection's Harvest Of Marriages Empowerment Summit), other projects and programmes we have embarked on since you called us to serve mature singles in 2009.
  3. Heavenly Lord, we give you thanks for the grace and wisdom of God upon the host, Omolola Omoteso-Famuyiwa, for godly leadership.
  4. Lord Jesus, we pray for divine release from every yoke of delay to marry.
  5. Dear Jesus, we pray that you bring hope and strength to the failing hearts of singles waiting on God; that satan will fail in the ploy to deceive them.
  6. Heavenly Father, we pray for divine shield against the spirit of wrong marriages in Jesus' name.
  7. We decree O Lord, that everyone in need of better standard of living - job, business, residential apartment, promotion, sponsorship - to enable them live purposefully and get married, will receive breakthrough beyond their imagination.
  8. For everyone currently in godly relationships, experiencing storms from the enemy, we pray that the Prince of Peace will calm every storm and guide them safely into marriage in Jesus' name.
  9. We pray for sustenance of the homes of Divine Connection members who have entered into the covenant of marriage, that there will be joy, love and the absence of hurtful separation, discord or divorce in Jesus name.
  10. May God divinely connect every member of the DC HOMES Committee to godly and joyful marriages this year; we will be testimonies of Harvest of Marriages in Jesus name.
  11. We are grateful for the provision that you have made for us as sons and daughters in your kingdom. Lord, your Word says that you have filled the hungry with good things; satisfy our hunger for joyful homes in Jesus name.
  12. Lord, no one receives anything except they be given from above. We do not seek to have anything that is not from you. We ask that you will help us, by your spirit, to pray the mind of God to pass regarding our marriage.
  13. Loving Father, please restore our broken edges and cleanse us of all that is filthy and positioned to disgrace us.
  14. We release the Christian men and women who God has ordained to marry mature single women and men, especially DC committee members and participants, from every entanglement that may be slowing them down from manifesting.
  15. We address the foundation of our lives and by the covenant of the death and life of Jesus Christ; we cancel every arrangement that is contrary to our God-ordained home.
  16. We renounce every covenant signed, with or without our knowledge; that may be contributing to our marital delay.
  17. Divine Connector! Connect me to my divine helper
  18. Father, please all those who are trusting you for divine marital connection, answer them speedily in Jesus name.
  19. As you singled out Esther, Ruth, Mary, Boaz, Samuel, Isaac, Joseph, single us out for divine connection that will birth our marital joy in Jesus name.
  20. Every spirit of "busy for nothing" and "unfruitful venture" that takes abode in my career, be destroyed in Jesus name.
  21. Dear Lord, we celebrate mature Christian singles, their place in the body of Christ and the privilege given to them to choose godly spouses.
  22. Every evil power that makes Christian single women invisible and unapproachable to God-ordained men seeking their hands in marriage, we silence such powers, in Jesus name.
  23. We supernaturally remove every veil and cloud that the enemy has used to cover your glory and beauty.
  24. O Lord, deliver us from avoidable mistakes, losses, untimely death, disgrace and very unfriendly friends in Jesus name.
  25. Dear Lord, we pray for Divine Connection’s Harvest Of Marriages Empowerment Summit (DC HOMES); make it a resounding success and a positive turn around for organisers and participants.
  26. Dear Lord, we pray you give godly men the spirit of boldness, so they can discover your goodness, accept your divine connection and receive favour of you.
  27. We refuse to settle for the second best, Lord Jesus, cause us to be divinely connected to your best.
  28. Dear Jesus, locate us at the river of our marital wealth and wellness.
  29. I am called Beulah, I will be married and my home will be fruitful. We are called Beulah, we will be married and our homes will be fruitful.
  30. Our God and help in ages past, our hearts bleed for our homeland. We pray for peace in Nigeria, be merciful unto us and bless us with peace in Jesus name.
  31. Father Lord, Please have mercy on me and forgive me of every sexual sin that I might have committed in the past in the name of Jesus.
  32. Almighty Father, let your will be done concerning my marriage in the name of Jesus.
  33. Father Lord, please don’t let my attitude drive away my ‘God-sent’ husband/wife whenever we come in contact in the name of Jesus.
  34. Everlasting Father, please don’t let us take agents of the devil as wife or husband in the name of Jesus.
  35. Every satanic agent, working against my marriage, Father Lord, pull them down and destroy them in the name of Jesus (1John 3:8).
  36. Every satanic device, designed to deceive me to marry wrongly, Almighty Father, frustrate them in the name of Jesus (Job 5:12).
  37. I lift up the sword of the Lord and I cut in pieces every satanic monitoring gadget and the telecommunication system of the enemy. I jam their listening devices by thunder in Jesus name.
  38. Every evil power hindering me from getting married, Lord destroy them in the name of Jesus.
  39.  We thank you Jesus because you have always answered our prayers and your thoughts for us are thoughts of good to lead us to expected good end.
  40. My Father, please help me to stop being my own enemy; forgive my past mistakes and disobediences in Jesus name.
  41. God of grace, single me out for great grace in Jesus name.
  42. Father fortify me with your power and anoint me to do exploits for you.
  43. Our God, we pray for patience as your path lead us out of the crisis of the discrimination we face as Christian singles who walk the path of holiness.
  44. Dear Lord, as we focus on your plan and purpose for our lives, help us to overcome the fear of the unknown, of loneliness and of being without a mate.
  45. Daddy, prepare our hearts to find the love you have destined for us.
  46. Our Father, take control and destroy every plan of the devil against the coming DC HOMES (Divine Connection’s Harvest Of Marriages Empowerment Summit); let your name be glorified.
  47. God, give me the courage to surrender it all to you; you are my light, love and ever-present help.
  48. Heavenly Father, wrestle from me habits, problems and patterns that hold me back from finding love.
  49. Help us to live like Jesus; to see thee more clearly, love thee more dearly, follow thee more nearly, day by day.
  50. HOMES will establish many godly homes this year in Jesus name.

Mrs. Omolola Omoteso-Famuyiwa is a minister who is 
passionate about sharing God's words 
for the healing of others.