Saturday, 22 June 2013

H.O.M.E.S = Harvest Of Marriages Empowerment Summit

Did you attend the "Harvest of Marriages"?

Please leave your comment about the programme and how what you learned impacted you thereafter...

Meanwhile, here is  a story of how the vision started...

Around 1999, Omolola received a divine instruction to “go and learn under Pastor Bimbo Odukoya” to which she responded that Pastor Bimbo was doing a great job, is here for the long haul and needed no duplicate. When the divine call persisted, she chose to dub Pastor Bimbo’s tapes from the archive of the television station where she worked and had the responsibility of reviewing the tapes for on air broadcast, she then reviewed them one after the other in the comfort of her living room. On hearing the news of Pastor Bimbo’s death, she broke down in tears as the divine call became apparent. After suggesting Divine Connection to Pastor Akin Adubi (RCCG Jesus Palace, MD), he took it up and partnered with the DC Host to actualise the vision of holding a breakfast meeting. That became DC’s inaugural meeting.

As the DC Host walked Pastor Kemi Onanuga of RCCG Jesus House, one of the participants at the meeting, to her vehicle, she said, "How come you are going to Nigeria after starting such a great vision.... Anyway, there is a huge audience waiting from you... Pastor Bimbo's demise has created a vacuum which no one is yet to fill... Go ahead and begin the ground breaking and I would be behind you to support you". The DC Host never discussed the genesis of the DC vision yet God confirmed it through His daughter.

It took the insistence of Pastor Akin Adubi (Daddy G.O's son-in-law) that the programme should be done before the DC Host departed the US in 2009 and Pastor Onanuga's statement after the programme in 2009 (10 years after the initial call) for the DC Host to realise that the days of running from the divine call is over. Both were affirmations that Divine Connection was indeed from God.

In 2009 after Omolola returned to Nigeria, DC was inaugurated in Nigeria via an event tagged DC KISS (Keep Interaction Simple & Short). When the vision was shared with Pastor Niyi Ajibola (RCCG Throne of Grace), he confirmed that the vision will grow to become a programme to reckon with within the Apapa Family of the Redeemed Christian Church of God. In 2010, Omolola was invited to minister to TOG Singles. In 2011, the first Mature Singles Summit was held at RCCG TOG with Pastor Grace Okonrende as Guest Minister. As a prelude to the 2013 summit, Omolola was invited as Guest Speaker to RCCG The Covenant House Breakfast Meeting. This became a summit of sort with Omolola taking the audience through a taste of DC’s interactive sessions and ministration on May 18, 2013.

When the decision was made to partner with churches for the 2013 Summit, DC met with the Pastors in Charge of RCCG Throne of Grace, RCCG Olive Tree and RCCG The Covenant House and they all directed us to the ministers in charge who in turn pointed us to the president of their singles ministry. Indeed it was a divine connection as everyone gave maximum support to the initiative. The success story of the 2013 Summit cannot be told without this rare support from pastors, ministers, members and the amazing contribution by the committee members who went over and beyond to actualise the dream. The media also warmed up to us as Cool FM, MiTV, LTV, Eko FM and Radio Nigeria took up the responsibility of hyping the event.

It was during one of the committee meetings that Omolola drew everyone’s attention to the fact that when ‘E’ is added to HOM the acronym for this year’s theme, one would have HOME, in the light of the event being tagged a summit, we ratified the name HOMES i.e. Harvest Of Marriages Empowerment Summit as brand name for DC’s annual summit. And so a new vision was birthed with 12 committee members who are poised to remain the disciples on which the continuation of this summit will rest. This is an indication that this indeed is a divine connection, driven by the TRINITY!

This year, singles (especially mature singles) from partner churches, the Apapa Family, churches of committee members, neighbouring churches, corporate offices e.g. banks and Divine Connection members participated in the summit which was organised as DC’s 4th anniversary. What an awesome event this year’s summit is especially with Omolola Omoteso Famuyiwa celebrating 40 years of God’s love and faithfulness via the ACE 4.0 Project.