To support your progressive move towards purpose, please email us for a comprehensive list of resources and request details of our meetings, seminars and summits. Recommended resources include our magazines, newsletters and the following books by CGN:

What is wrong with us: Nuggets about mature singles 
This book liberated the DC Host. You can be the next!

Just Sharing is a compendium of inspirational articles for and about young people
There's no better way to inspire the young people around you! Order copies for them today and spend quality time just sharing your experience with them.

Pillar of Strength will position you to tap into the blessings of being a woman
All women - married and unmarried, are called to be pillars of strengths, find out how and help yourself and other women around you position themselves to fulfil purpose. 

Uncut - 100 original poems
Diverse, dynamic, interesting, inspirational; imageries from the author's heart that will bless yours!

Dear JB - A literary criticism about John Brown the abolitionist
It wasn't just blacks that fought for the emancipation of blacks. John Brown was at the forefront. If you were born in the 50s and 60s you would know about him, if not, it's not too late to learn.

Divine Connection is our latest book. It is a 52 week devotional that touches the heart and soul of godly relationships. You will have an opportunity to explore different tenets to enable you position yourself for a relationship that would move through courtship into marriage.