Friday, 9 December 2011

Sex & Fertility

In DC, we ensure we follow you up even after you are divinely connected and duly married to your partner:

DC Host:
How is life as a wife? Depending on how soon you want children, hope you know about ovulation and how to calculate fertile days.

DC Member:
To be truthful, I want children and family members are already looking towards it. We were in the hospital in November because every time we have intercourse, the sperm comes back out and the doctor says it is nothing to worry about. He said we should enjoy ourselves now and come back in two months for further check up. He explained ways by which we could have intercourse for the sperm to be retained and we have been going by it. Please can you explain more to me about the fertile period because I want to be very sure. Thanks so much, I know I can always count on you.

DC Host:
I support the doctor’s suggestion that you should enjoy yourself; hey, you’ve only be married one month! The truth is it is better to address any issue that comes up as soon as possible but be careful for it not to affect the discovery and pleasures of sex. That said; here is my response in relation to the outflow of sperm after intercourse.

It is normal for semen to flow out. Remember that around 95% of the semen doesn't make it past the cervix… so it comes out at some point!

But to ensure what you are seeing is not CM (cervical mucus) and to differentiate it from semen, you can do a water test... Drop some into a glass of cold water, if it falls apart, you're seeing leftover semen but if it stays together, it's EWCM (egg white cervical mucus).

But semen and sperm are different - semen is the fluid that carries the sperm out of your partner's body and into yours. As soon as it is ejaculated into your vagina, the sperm leave the seminal fluid and begin to swim towards the cervix and fallopian tubes with your cervical fluid instead, and the semen is now obsolete. With only one way to go, it leaks back out; along with the dead, weak and abnormal sperm you don't want fertilising an egg anyway. Healthy, live sperm should not leak out, even if you stand up straight after sex.

There are between 100-500million sperm in a single ejaculation, and only about 200 ever reach the fallopian tubes. This is normal.

If you are trying to get pregnant, having an orgasm the same time or after your husband ejaculates will help the cervix to naturally contract and suck up the sperm in the uterine canal, which can be high risk of pregnancy if you are ovulating.

If you are not sure about calculating your fertile days, visit Divine Connection under the title Calculating Fertile Days.

Over and beyond all the expertise of humans, God works wonders, so never forget to pray about… about conception, about the seed, etc.

Ademi & Arewa

As I closed my laptop, I looked again at the handsome, light complexion man smiling boyishly in his well tailored suit, garnished with a wine cravat. By his side stood Arewa, a woman of priceless value.

As I walked to the car, my mind flashed to the seemingly depressed man who stumbled on the proposal and spelled out his worry as we sat in 457 gazing into a view that was far from grand.

As I drove home, I said like there was someone in the car with me; God saved him and restored his health and resources for me.

For my delay, God chose to enrich my peace, double my wealth and multipy my laughter. And He did it in one specially wrapped bundle of divine joy I have chosen to call Ademi.

Temi, I don't know where this marital route leads, but I am blessed to be going with you!

Thursday, 1 December 2011

DC's Miracle of Marriages

If I have a cane, I will cane you to attend this event. But since I believe you are not the person against your destiny to be married (if you wish to be) or to remain married (for those in troubled relationships), I trust you will be at the Divine Connection's Miracle of Marriages scheduled to take place at RCCG TOG, 31 Moloney Street, Obalende, Lagos at 8AM on Saturday 03.12.11.
Ministering will be Pastor Grace Okonrende of the RCCG Pavillion of Redemption Parish, Texas, USA. Pastor Okonrende is a deliverance minister who has been used mightily of God to connect many especially the unmarried to purpose and partner. She will be supported by other ...ministers within and outside TOG who would carry out one on one counseling to guests.

DC’s Miracle of Marriages will create an opportunity where covenants against your getting married will be renounced and you'd be set on the path to getting married. I am an example of the anointing on this woman of God through whom I met my man.

The event will create an “Eden” for singles that are diligent to their calling within and outside the church and are ready to connect with God’s divine partner of the opposite gender. Ultimately the event will institutionalise a global event of purposeful networking.

If you can, come fasted. Snacks will be served.

    Monday, 13 June 2011

    Calculating Fertile Days

    One thing that a number of mature singles consider doing is having a child. Today there many debatable options which include adoption and IVF. While many argue about sex in marriage being the only Biblically approved option; we pray that this information benefits you. Due to the classification in a number of churches where mature singles are now excluded from women's group especially, information about conception and fertility may not be readily available to you and this may haunt or hurt you especially when you sign into marriage. Averagely, your fertility days may be calculated as 13-15 days after your cycle start day i.e. you start your period on the 1st of January, your fertile days are 13th-15th with your most fertile day which is your ovulation day being the 14th of January; averagely especially for those with 28-day cycles. Still not sure how to calculate your fertile days?

    Be sure to return here to share comments about how helpful this information has been. Remember, over and beyond human calculations, God's will matters and God miracles still happen.

    Friday, 3 June 2011

    Book Launch: What Is Wrong With Us?

    Delay in marriage has become an endemic phenomenon in Pentecostal Churches. Many mature singles have been driven to the back burner, where the fire of doctrine and culture hush-hush the issue of marriage. While some have remained forgotten in the church, others have left to find solution outside the church.

    Anne ‘Muyiwa (of course that is Omolola Anne Famuyiwa!) is also a Relationship Coach who ministers in songs and sermons across the globe. She is the host of Divine Connection. DC is a ministry cum social project, whose objective is to help create the Eden where mature singles can meet in the hope that such meeting will lead to purposeful living and marital fulfilment.

    In What is wrong with us? Anne shares her thoughts about single life, how others can help and how mature singles can live with renewed hope. This is a great gift for singles and those who relate with them. The event is free and open to the married and unmarried.

    Be the first to get autographed copies of What is wrong with us? Nuggets about mature singles. Your attendance at the Book Launch on the 12th of June (DC's 2nd Year Anniversary) by 3pm at AHI Residence 19, Oweh Street off Lawal Street, will add colour to this ground breaking event. I look forward to having you.

    Sunday, 20 March 2011

    Divine Connection

    Have you ever been so desperate to reach a friend and the network provider says out of reach or route busy or temporarily out of service or switched off or worse still the number you are calling is not on the network. At that moment, the phone becomes of no value to say the least. God must feel that way when He tries to reach us and we are preoccupied, when he delivers our answers and we are just not there to receive. You may have experienced a similar situation in different facets of life.

    For years I thought of studying abroad and laid it before God a couple of times though I did not make it a by fire by force situation. I never visited the embassy to make enquiries, never searched online for schools or requirement; I probably filled a Ford or Fulbright application once but may not even have submitted the most valuable material - transcript.

    After 5 years of holding a first degree, I decided that study abroad may just not happen so I started making rounds to few universities in Nigeria to check out courses in the hope of pursuing a post graduate degree but something always crops up - deadline over, take qualifying exams, use a year to study basic courses etc. However, none of these had a turnaround effect like strike. In Ogun State University I had the unfortunate privilege of participating in two 5 months strike but for some strange reasons I believed that post grads were over and beyond strikes. So when I heard that with all the Naira I will have to cough out I am as eligible for this daylight thief as my undergraduate counterparts I said, mba, no, not I.

    One fateful evening, a friend called to ask if I was interested in traveling for a conference in Brazil. Having attended a previous one in Greece my name was in the database of prospective invitees but someone needed to do the leg work and I just didn’t have the time. She offered to do it for a fee and I consented. After the conference invitation pulled through, I needed a minimum of N350k (about $3, 000) to make the trip. Though I didn't have even half of that, I knew God kept nudging me. I grumbled, complained, lamented but none solved the problem. One day as I sat still, the Holy Spirit said “Speak to grandma”. My first reaction was - chuckle, chuckle, grandma ke! She has not worked for years and she has become our responsibility. I was going to wave it aside but thank God I did not because surprisingly grandma had pensions which were mostly unspent because her children and grand children had taken up the responsibility as tradition demands. I got a fair loan from grandma!

    There were so many hurdles like Mr. Visa, Ms. Ticket, Master Hotel and Mrs. Conference Fees. I got an additional loan from my friend, solved the issues that could not wait and made it to the airport. Having overbooked, the airline cunningly retrieved my ticket and wrote STB on it. Not until I started pleading to be allowed to go on the plane did I realise STB means ‘standby’. What nonsense! They offered Euros but while others scrambled, I held back knowing what God told me. As I continued pleading and the officials and customers kept shouting me down, the Holy Spirit whispered "GO!" It was so soft but so clear that I told my sister and mum, won o so pe kin lo o but e ka lo (they did not ask me to go but let’s go).

    On that information, I acted. They carried my travel bag and we made for the point of entry. As if an angel was on guard; God cleared the way up to the plane. He surmounted every obstacle in my way. From the plane and through the trip, I met with such amazing miracles that made me realise that when God says “Go!” He never leaves you to go alone.  In the plane, I met a mentor who offered hotel lodging with breakfast FOC, at the conference my full fee - $1000 - was waived and I paid $100. When I decided to stay extra days to tour Corcovado where the statue of Christ the Redeemer is placed above all else in Rio de Janeiro, I met with a Brazilian woman who offered me lodging. To crown it all, at the conference, I met a woman who told me about a university in the United States of America. Though the woman backed down on assisting, I gained admission to the university about sixteen months after. The miracle did not end there; as tough as the visa interview seem it was drama free when compared to what others experience. On landing in the US, God prepared an American family that drove me directly from the airport to my school. When I say God prepared, I mean I had never met or spoken to them it was purely God’s intervention and this story has been shared as a newspaper article and as a background to the Community Ties Initiative in Athens, Ohio. The Millers have remained a family that has stuck as close as my own blood family.

    Ten years after my first degree, I got my post graduate degree, a year later I got another master degree from the same institution and not a penny owed since bulk of the fund was waived by the school. You may not understand but what I am trying to say is I did not have to use a credit card and I left an American University with two masters degree fully paid for. While at school I witnessed a lot of people even Americans complain about lack of funding, interest on credit cards and killing weight of loans yet my Jesus paid it all! The school President is not my uncle neither is the Program Director my cousin but my Dear Daddy God holds the hearts of kings and princes in his hands!

    It was not like I had a smooth ride. But looking back I can tell that no man or woman can prevail by strength and praying and trusting is definitely easier than worrying. While others had a fun-filled tour, I toured a little at Corcovado then went to tap into the pull current of that mountain by praying. I couldn’t even afford to pay for the picture I took on the mountain. I returned to Nigeria broke having saved up the conference money to repay part of the loan. All I had was the business card from the woman I met and held tightly to it as my divine connection. Pride almost cost me the visa interview and surviving the rigours of two masters, three jobs and giving back to the Athens, Ohio community was not in the least easy yet God was there every step of the way. He even buttered my bread by making my dream of assisting at least one person to gain admission to the institution a reality. My prayers for those who God worked through has been answered in God’s own way – my grandma enjoyed good health till she went to Jesus, my friend got transferred abroad, Nancy Miller became the first female vice president of her company and the Brazilian woman was recently promoted to a school principal.

    The question I have never stopped asking is, what if I did not respond to the still small whisper "GO!” What if I had doubted? What if I had spent time querying? What if my financial situation had made me consider gaining the Euros? I probably would have added study abroad to the list of unanswered prayers when in fact God answered and made provision. How many times have God dropped our blessings but our hands were just not in an out-stretched position to receive. How many times have we been divinely connected and we are just not at the other end of the line. Whenever I want to write off a request, I remember this beautiful story and ask God for a second chance peradventure His Grace will call forth a second GO.

    Feel free to send me your comments or share your story ( I pray God does a call back for every opportunity we have missed.
    The above story appeared in the first edition of Divine Connection Newsletter. Should you wissh to receive hard or e-copies, or support the initiative, email

    Monday, 10 January 2011

    Divinely Connecting You!

    DC was inaugurated in Nigeria in February 2010 in an atmosphere of love. Already we have our basket full of fruitiful harvests. Congratulations to 6 of our members that tied the knot in 2010 and we hope that the 6 that started a meaningful relationship will invite us soon.
    Thanks for your interest in Divine Connection. In addition to our monthly events, we offer counselling and consultations especially to unmarried people and young couples. We have a Facebook Group page – Divine Connection (DC). Membership of Facebook Group is free. All members can link up with each other directly on Facebook and can be part of discussions on Facebook through which they get free counseling. Please exercise caution when meeting with Facebook members directly.
     Our events are subsidised at N2, 000. For those who wish to become full-fledged members with the benefit of profiling, counseling, consultation and link up, we have a onetime charge of N5, 000. To pay for registration, our account detail is Willows Magazine – Ecobank – 0130040149356101. Kindly text 0704.191.5222 to confirm payment. Alternatively, you can be part of any of our services by paying per service. Our price range is from N2, 000 – N10, 000.
    We organise bi-monthly programmes through which mature singles meet and interact. Our next programme is to take place on February 12, 2011. It is a Lunch Date with the theme "Love Lifted Me". You can get details on our Facebook Group Event Page. Please join the DC Facebook Group and email your full name, age, profession and email address to 
    We have a publication for mature singles and we encourage you to buy (N100) for yourself and other singles around you. We also have a book “What is wrong with us? Nuggets about mature singles.” It is on sale for N2000 electronically and N5000 hard copy. Order a copy by emailing
    Kindly let us know what the situation is with your past relationships and the kind of woman or man you seek... Meanwhile pray always, live happily and connect purposefully; you deserve the best!

    Saturday, 1 January 2011







    PASTOR E. A. ADEBOYE is the General Overseer of The Redeemed Christian Church of God
    The prohetic proclamations were made during the Crossover Service at Redemption Camp, January 1st 2011