Membership Details

DC Membership is open to singles (25+, female and 30+, male), newly married (5 years and below) and ministers and counsellors who are interested in our cause and can actively participate. Active participation can be in form of interacting via our online medium, attending or organising our programmes or supporting the cause financially.

If you do not fall into any of these categories, kindly offer your membership to someone who does. We are more interested in reaching out to mature singles and impacting lives than appearing as over-subscribed to the public.

Types of Membership
We have two types of membership; Online (Free) and Registered (Fee).
To become a Freelance Member, you are required to join this site or our group page on Facebook.

Members are implored to interact freely and respectfully with other members, ask questions and respond openly, share inspirational messages and post beneficial information e.g. vacancy and event.
Benefits include free interaction with other members (be reminded that we do not KNOW all freelance members), access to discussions, direct response to open questions and discounted rate on our products.

To become a Registered Member, kindly do the following:
  1. Request for the DC Application Form (DCAF) from
  2. Pay the registration fee to Ecobank (NG), GTB (NG) or OU Credit Union (USA)
  3. Return DCAF with payment details to
Additional benefits include free personal profile review, one-on-one counsel, direct linkup with members who have matching profiles, discount access to our programmes and direct access to the DC Host and other Counsellors.

Do you know mature singles who is trusting God to sign into marriage? Send their contacts to the DC Host.