Sunday, 14 December 2014


This is a continuation of Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye's message of October 3.

Then the sixth one is EXCEEDINGLY GREAT and we will see that example in the case of Jacob, Genesis 30:40-43 And Jacob did separate the lambs, and set the faces of the flocks toward the ringstraked, and all the brown in the flock of Laban; and he put his own flocks by themselves, and put them not unto Laban's cattle.

The man became exceedingly great. To become exceedingly great requires a special act of the covenant keeping God; because the way that Jacob became exceedingly great could be traced back to Genesis 28:10-22. When he was running away from home and had a dream, you remember the dream? He slept, he saw a ladder going to heaven, angel ascending, descending, and God spoke to him and said I am the God of your father Abraham, not Isaac now, God of your father Abraham. Abraham is the one I had a covenant with and because of that covenant I had with Abraham, I will make you exceedingly great. What was it that God did? God just gave him an idea, one single idea; if any animal is pregnant and you put this kind of wood before the animal, this is the kind of children the animal will produce. That is the idea! And using that idea, Jacob became exceedingly great. I can give you several examples of people who are exceedingly great. Am happy my children said that greatness is not necessarily a function of material possession; you can have all the money in the world and be useless. As they say where I came from; you can go to hell with your money, you are not the one feeding me, the one who is feeding you is the one who can begin to control. But don’t let us deceive ourselves there is no greatness in poverty.

The messenger who says he is greater than the manager is deceiving himself, correct or not? So there is this man who was just going on a stroll and he saw a factory and he asked his driver, I think he was driving around in his Rolls Royce and then he saw a factory. And believe me honestly if somebody had a Rolls Royce he must be considered great in the sense of material now. He said“what factory is that, that is so dirty?” The driver said “that is the factory where they made Rolls Royce, he said what? The factory where they made my car is this dirty?” He said “drive me there”. So he went to the factory and said I want to see the owner of this factory. They took him to the office of the big man. So he said to the man, “I want to buy this factory” The man said “either you are drunk or you are crazy, I mean because even the product from this factory, each one cost a fortune and you want to buy?” The man said, “I am buying the entire business”. The man told him, “who told you I need money, who told you I want to sell? He said “Listen to me I will make you an offer you cannot refuse”. Less than one hour later, the owner of factory has signed it off. Power passes power, Greatness passes greatness.

There is someone here tonight, when they talk about you, they will say your greatness is an exceeding one.

The final one is OVERFLOWINGLY GREAT; and the good example for that is Joseph. That is why I read Genesis 50:15-20, when God uses a single man to keep the whole world alive, that is overflowing greatness, you see because somebody said; Joseph made Egypt great, because Genesis 41:57 And all countries came into Egypt to Joseph for to buy corn; because that the famine was so sore in all lands.

The Lord says there is someone here tonight, He said I promise you, I will not let you down.

You know occasionally you go to a meeting and you go to a meeting burdened, because you have a problem that only God can solve and you do not even see how you can get out of the tight corner in which you find yourself. In addition, it has happened to me before several years ago; I had a big problem and I did not know how I will win the battle, it was a tough battle. And so we were going to have a program in London and somebody was going to speak before I speak, and I just kept crying within me; Lord speak to me I want to hear from You. And the man got up and was talking on something and all of a sudden he branched off and said that brethren, do you know that, the summary of the book of revelation is that at last we win. In addition, I know that is God is talking to me.
At last I win! In addition, God has spoken to me again tonight and He may have spoken to somebody else too.

But God is saying I promise you, I will not let you down.
Daddy says there is someone here tonight, He said I assure you, you will not stop rising.

Overflowing greatness can only come to you by the act of a God who gives visions and fulfill them.
Therefore, I want to encourage the youth tonight, you remember we spoke yesterday and those of you who were not around maybe you try and get the tape of last night. When God gives you a vision, if it’s a vision from God it is not likely to make sense. It will be so big, it will not make human sense, but if it’s from God, it will come to pass.

So I am saying to all my children; particularly those of you with big dreams do not let the dreams die because they shall come to pass.

The conclusion that I have in my note had been mentioned by one of my children. The greatest secret of overflowing greatness is Holiness. In addition, like I told you yesterday, God who is the ultimate Author of greatness is a holy God. If you ask Him, Almighty God gives us just one word by which you want to be known?

It is the word HOLY. The angles keeps crying holy, holy, Lord God Almighty. They have been crying it before the world began and they are still crying it right now. In fact I have asked the questions before; Father can’t these angel sing another song? He said that is the one I want to hear - Holy, Holy Lord God Almighty. That is why I am appealing to every one of us believing God for the kind of greatness that will overflow, the greatness that will turn you to a blessing, not just to people in your local government but to people all over the world. You must be holy, that is it. We have held a whole congress on that topic before, we call it the MASTER KEY; it opens the door to every other things. If only you are determined to be holy, and if you are determined to be holy, God will make it possible. Because, Holiness is very easy. Holiness as far as you are concern is simple, just obey God, that is all. Obey Him in everything, when He asks you to sit down, sit down. Stand up; stand up. Witness; witness. Follow up, do it. Give your offering cheerfully; give it. Pay your tithe; pay all. Honor me with your first fruit, go ahead and do it. Holiness simply means obedience. That is why I have no problem with Holiness, I just obey my Commander in Chief and I have seen the results and I am telling you, you go into a life of holiness and very soon the world will know that the Almighty God can turn nothing to something.

He can take next to nothing; the lunch of a boy and turn it to something that can feed thousands with left over. He can take little in a single night and promote that little to become a king. And when he chooses you to be great, nobody can stop you. Like one of my sons said, if your making is of God, no human being can break you. Believe God for every one of you who are here tonight and everyone who is younger that I am is a youth. Therefore, if you are younger than seventy-two you are a youth but if you are older than seventy-two then you are old.

However, I am speaking to all the youth here tonight, in the Name that is above every other name, in the name of my God, the Lord Jesus Christ; you shall be over flowingly great.

1. Father, Please do not let me be the enemy of my own greatness.
2. Father, every enemy of my greatness Lord, physical or spiritual demolish tonight
3. Father, myself my children, my grandchildren, let our greatness be known to the world.

In the Name that is above every other name, all your prayers shall be answered. You will not be the enemies of your own greatness. And every enemy of your greatness physical or spiritual, whether they are from your father’s house or from your mother’s house, from your husband house, from your wife’s house, every enemies of your greatness shall be destroyed tonight. Your greatness shall be known all over the world and your children will be greater than you and their children will be greater than they.

From now on in every generation, following you there shall be overflowing greatness. So shall it be in Jesus Mighty Name we have prayed. Amen.

Let someone shout hallelujah!