Monday, 13 June 2011

Calculating Fertile Days

One thing that a number of mature singles consider doing is having a child. Today there many debatable options which include adoption and IVF. While many argue about sex in marriage being the only Biblically approved option; we pray that this information benefits you. Due to the classification in a number of churches where mature singles are now excluded from women's group especially, information about conception and fertility may not be readily available to you and this may haunt or hurt you especially when you sign into marriage. Averagely, your fertility days may be calculated as 13-15 days after your cycle start day i.e. you start your period on the 1st of January, your fertile days are 13th-15th with your most fertile day which is your ovulation day being the 14th of January; averagely especially for those with 28-day cycles. Still not sure how to calculate your fertile days?

Be sure to return here to share comments about how helpful this information has been. Remember, over and beyond human calculations, God's will matters and God miracles still happen.

Friday, 3 June 2011

Book Launch: What Is Wrong With Us?

Delay in marriage has become an endemic phenomenon in Pentecostal Churches. Many mature singles have been driven to the back burner, where the fire of doctrine and culture hush-hush the issue of marriage. While some have remained forgotten in the church, others have left to find solution outside the church.

Anne ‘Muyiwa (of course that is Omolola Anne Famuyiwa!) is also a Relationship Coach who ministers in songs and sermons across the globe. She is the host of Divine Connection. DC is a ministry cum social project, whose objective is to help create the Eden where mature singles can meet in the hope that such meeting will lead to purposeful living and marital fulfilment.

In What is wrong with us? Anne shares her thoughts about single life, how others can help and how mature singles can live with renewed hope. This is a great gift for singles and those who relate with them. The event is free and open to the married and unmarried.

Be the first to get autographed copies of What is wrong with us? Nuggets about mature singles. Your attendance at the Book Launch on the 12th of June (DC's 2nd Year Anniversary) by 3pm at AHI Residence 19, Oweh Street off Lawal Street, will add colour to this ground breaking event. I look forward to having you.