Friday, 9 December 2011

Sex & Fertility

In DC, we ensure we follow you up even after you are divinely connected and duly married to your partner:

DC Host:
How is life as a wife? Depending on how soon you want children, hope you know about ovulation and how to calculate fertile days.

DC Member:
To be truthful, I want children and family members are already looking towards it. We were in the hospital in November because every time we have intercourse, the sperm comes back out and the doctor says it is nothing to worry about. He said we should enjoy ourselves now and come back in two months for further check up. He explained ways by which we could have intercourse for the sperm to be retained and we have been going by it. Please can you explain more to me about the fertile period because I want to be very sure. Thanks so much, I know I can always count on you.

DC Host:
I support the doctor’s suggestion that you should enjoy yourself; hey, you’ve only be married one month! The truth is it is better to address any issue that comes up as soon as possible but be careful for it not to affect the discovery and pleasures of sex. That said; here is my response in relation to the outflow of sperm after intercourse.

It is normal for semen to flow out. Remember that around 95% of the semen doesn't make it past the cervix… so it comes out at some point!

But to ensure what you are seeing is not CM (cervical mucus) and to differentiate it from semen, you can do a water test... Drop some into a glass of cold water, if it falls apart, you're seeing leftover semen but if it stays together, it's EWCM (egg white cervical mucus).

But semen and sperm are different - semen is the fluid that carries the sperm out of your partner's body and into yours. As soon as it is ejaculated into your vagina, the sperm leave the seminal fluid and begin to swim towards the cervix and fallopian tubes with your cervical fluid instead, and the semen is now obsolete. With only one way to go, it leaks back out; along with the dead, weak and abnormal sperm you don't want fertilising an egg anyway. Healthy, live sperm should not leak out, even if you stand up straight after sex.

There are between 100-500million sperm in a single ejaculation, and only about 200 ever reach the fallopian tubes. This is normal.

If you are trying to get pregnant, having an orgasm the same time or after your husband ejaculates will help the cervix to naturally contract and suck up the sperm in the uterine canal, which can be high risk of pregnancy if you are ovulating.

If you are not sure about calculating your fertile days, visit Divine Connection under the title Calculating Fertile Days.

Over and beyond all the expertise of humans, God works wonders, so never forget to pray about… about conception, about the seed, etc.

Ademi & Arewa

As I closed my laptop, I looked again at the handsome, light complexion man smiling boyishly in his well tailored suit, garnished with a wine cravat. By his side stood Arewa, a woman of priceless value.

As I walked to the car, my mind flashed to the seemingly depressed man who stumbled on the proposal and spelled out his worry as we sat in 457 gazing into a view that was far from grand.

As I drove home, I said like there was someone in the car with me; God saved him and restored his health and resources for me.

For my delay, God chose to enrich my peace, double my wealth and multipy my laughter. And He did it in one specially wrapped bundle of divine joy I have chosen to call Ademi.

Temi, I don't know where this marital route leads, but I am blessed to be going with you!

Thursday, 1 December 2011

DC's Miracle of Marriages

If I have a cane, I will cane you to attend this event. But since I believe you are not the person against your destiny to be married (if you wish to be) or to remain married (for those in troubled relationships), I trust you will be at the Divine Connection's Miracle of Marriages scheduled to take place at RCCG TOG, 31 Moloney Street, Obalende, Lagos at 8AM on Saturday 03.12.11.
Ministering will be Pastor Grace Okonrende of the RCCG Pavillion of Redemption Parish, Texas, USA. Pastor Okonrende is a deliverance minister who has been used mightily of God to connect many especially the unmarried to purpose and partner. She will be supported by other ...ministers within and outside TOG who would carry out one on one counseling to guests.

DC’s Miracle of Marriages will create an opportunity where covenants against your getting married will be renounced and you'd be set on the path to getting married. I am an example of the anointing on this woman of God through whom I met my man.

The event will create an “Eden” for singles that are diligent to their calling within and outside the church and are ready to connect with God’s divine partner of the opposite gender. Ultimately the event will institutionalise a global event of purposeful networking.

If you can, come fasted. Snacks will be served.