Sunday, 20 July 2014


The Lord our God spoke unto us in Horeb, saying ye have dwelt long enough in this mount…. (Deuteronomy 1:6)

Irrespective of our present situation (whether physical or spiritual – Education, work, singleness, health, etc.) there is always a time to move to the next level.

However, there are principles that we must understand and follow if we must connect to our next level. These principles and the necessary actions that we require are summarised as follows:

(i) You must let go of the past: This may include prejudices, past successes, failures etc. (Acts 10:13–16). A time comes when you need to do things differently or have a new experience. Don’t insist on the status quo.

(ii) Come down from your camel: This is what Rebecca did to connect with her next marital level. We must be humble. Gen 24: 63–64). Not minding your privileged position at a higher altitude, what will move you to the next level may be at a lower elevation. You may need to come down to that level to fully discoverappreciate and appropriate it (I Peter 5:6; Proverbs 18:12; 22:4; James 4:10. Humility involves meditation in prayers to God as a sign of dependence on God and not on our own wisdom or ability. You may need to take the position of a servant before you become the boss! The way down may be the way up.

(iii) Let God do it His own way: God can meet the same need in different ways(Romans11:33; 2 Kings 5Exodus 14:16; Joshua 3:8; 14-16; 2 Kings 2:8). Don’t believe that you can determine the way the Lord will act at a particular time even if you have had a previous experience over the same matter or seen how God dealt with the problem in the life of another individual. God’s ways and means are limitless and He can choose the way and means to act over a particular problem differently. Allow Him do it His own way.

(iv) Prepare for that next level: Preparation leads to success. He who fails to plan, plans to fail. You need to prepare in prayer and fasting. Remember to “seek ye first the kingdom of God” Matthew 6:33. This includes preparing your heart Proverb 23:7 and positioning yourself for the next level. You may need to improve on your training, skill or knowledge in the appropriate sphere (2 Timothy 2:15; Proverbs 4:7; Proverbs 24:5; Hosea 4:6).

(v) You must believe that you can reach that next level:
Don’t give up on God, He is able to do exceedingly more than you can think or imagine (reference, Habakkuk 1, Numbers 13; 14:28-38)The just shall live by faith (Hebrew 11:1-6; Habakkuk 2:4)There is the need for persistency in prayers and expectation. Don’t loose focus or loose heart because of what you are seeing even when they are contrary to your expectation.

(viHelp the people you meet on the way: Be friend to those that may be feeble as you meet them today. They may be the your ladder to the next level; the path to your success.Examples in the Bible include Rebecca – Genesis 24:18; Joseph – Genesis 40, 41; David – 1 Samuel 30:1-20.

(vii) Engage in fruitful service As you do fruitful service, you may find yourself in the unexpected. Every act of fruitfulness has the potential of fruitful reward or encounter (1 Samuel 9).

(viiiBe expectant: What you don’t expect, you may not experience unless God in His special kindness grant it. Expectation is the mother of manifestation. Your next encounter may be the leading path to your next level. Be expectant (Act 3).

(ix) Don’t give up until you get to your next level: Stay prayerfully focused on getting to your desired level. Saul did in I Samuel 9 and Elijah and Elisha did in 2 Kings 2: 1-12.Remember that quitters don’t win.

(xRemain divinely connected to GodSharpen your spiritual hindsight to enable you decode signals from God (John 15:5; Philippians 4:13). This will ensure you don’t miss the opportunities God send your way Remember that without God you are nothing. A Godless person will certainly end up a failure. In God lies true success. Also remember the word of God, which says: what shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul (Matthew 16:26). As you remain connected to your source of success, tap into the faith to arise, and shine for your light has come…. (Isaiah 60:1)

I welcome you to your next level in Jesus name.

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Financial Planning Tips for Singles by Olalekan Olorunkunle

This truth has come to stare us in the face whether we like it or not that, across the globe, we have increasing percentage of singles in all National Population Censors. Therefore, issues with singles are to be dealt with critically and finance issues form integral part of the pressure singles deal with. People often assume that financial planning is easier for singles than for married couples or people with families to support. It is true that there are generally fewer factors to consider when planning a financial future for an individual. This provides for more flexibility and less complication especially conflicts that arise when attempting to make plans with a spouse.
However, single people are also at a disadvantage because they only have themselves to depend on. Thus, singles need to manage their finances more carefully and plan ahead for unexpected expenses such as medical bills and loss of employment. Whether you are unmarried, divorced or widowed, planning for your financial future is essential.
Highlights for Financial Planning include Budgeting, Winning Against Indebtedness, Creating Emergency Fund, Investing, Cutting Your Cost of Dating and Cooking and Shopping:
Budgetting is typically the first step towards financial success and independence. A budget helps you to recognise in what areas you can afford to cut costs. A budget allows you to prioritise your finances so you have some money to put towards the things that you really want. You can still make room for some "fun money" in your budget if you plan carefully. A budget simply shows you how to live within your means. The sense of control and independence that create- and-stick-to-budget culture provides can be very liberating.
Indebtedness is common among younger singles due to exuberance. It is important to take the steps to begin to free yourself from its often-paralysing grasp. Figuring out exactly how much money you owe, the interest rates and whom you owe it to is essential to creating a plan for paying it back.
While paying off debt may seem like your most important financial priority, it is a good idea to create an emergency fund, before strategising on how to pay what you owe. Financial experts suggest setting aside enough money to finance three to six months' of living expenses in e.g. a high- yield money market. Without the safety net provided by a second income or health insurance provided by a spouse's employer, it becomes even more important to plan ahead.
Many singles, especially young ones, tend to think that health insurance is an unnecessary even frivolous expense. The reality is that anyone can become ill or have an accident, regardless of age or current health condition. When this happens, managing outrageous medical bills all on your own can quickly thrust you into a sea of debt. If you are the only source of income for your household and you lose your job, you are at an even higher risk of accumulating massive debt.
Another key to the success of the single person's financial plan is investing for the future. Even young singles need to start thinking about saving for retirement. Investing may seem impossible if you are struggling with debt and living from pay-check to pay-check. But the sooner you start saving, the less you will need to save overall. Try investing even a tiny portion of each pay-check into stocks, real estate, money market e.g. Treasury Bills, Commercial Papers, Bankers’ Acceptance, Fixed Deposits, Bill of Exchange, Repurchase Agreement, Mutual Funds, and other programmes that will allow your money to grow over time. Another divine treasure you need to invest in daily is your talent - develop it now.
Whether you have found or still searching for your soul mate, relationship costs can add up quickly. The good news is that dating does not have to break your bank. Going to the beach and watching the sunset will do no damage to your pocketbook and is more romantic. Keep your eyes open for free or inexpensive events, such as local concerts and plays. Look into other activities coordinated by your community centre. Not only will you save a bundle, but you also may find that you have more fun than you would on a typical dinner date and will get to know your friend more quickly and on a deeper level as you cut your cost of dating.
Many singles dread cooking and shopping; they opt to eat out a lot instead. Not only can this be expensive, but it can also be hazardous to your health and weight management. Buy foods that have a long shelf life and are quick and easy to prepare. This gives you a win-win result.
As you can see, singles have unique financial needs. However, with a little planning and prioritising, single persons can create a successful financial future for themselves. The key is starting early, getting organised and being serious about managing your financial future. Being single now is a bird in hand, enjoy it; you don’t have to endure it.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

10 To Go Places for Singles

1.     Beach: Though classified by some as a club with no roof, Christians can locate sane beaches and enjoy the natural ambience; a special gift from God.
2.     Restaurants: While we encourage you to cook, every now and then you need to sit back and let others serve you. Whether you choose a bukateria or eatery, ensure the place is decent. Note that this need not put a dent in your pocket before it is classified as good.
3.     Cinemas: Located in spots around time, this could be relaxing whether it is a movie or stage play you sign up for. Choose one where you won’t leave with the devil as the shadow hovering over you! While you are at it, grab some pop corn and drink.
4.     Parks: Freedom Park, Amusement Park are few of the parks you can visit for a stroll or sit down. Be sure not to go to one besieged by hoodlums.
5.     Bible Study: Shouldn’t this have been the first! We carefully placed it here with the number of grace. Anywhere the Word of God is being shared – church, house fellowship etc. are great places to refuel and recharge your spiritual battery to ensure you are not running on red.
6.     Trips: Be it a bus tour, boat cruise or retreat, signing up within a group with your significant other has a number of benefits including finding out the other’s interests.
7.     Games: Sure men want this as number one! Even if you are not a fan of the stadium, you may need to step into stadiums, viewing centres; love has got many things to do with enjoying what the other person loves even if just once in a while. Alcohol doesn’t have to be part of the game!
8.     Recreation Centres: According to Pastor Dapo Akinosun, many now want spouses “with no capacity to add weight”. Before you are compelled to go; locate a good gym where folks dress decently or map out biking or hiking routes. Be sure the path you choose is safe.
9.     Events: Why not plan your own event! Yes, you can plan a picnic, a cook out for friends, barbeque or even shopping! Remember that the man or woman is not your ATM so be sure to hold some cash, if you are not merely window shopping.
10. Family Events: If you can’t plan yours, there is always plenty of family events to go to e.g. weddings, naming, funeral (I bet no one wants to plan that yet we all desire to go to heaven! Hopefully it’s of elderly folks), anniversaries etc. Well, if he or she has not proposed don’t insist of being introduced as fiancĂ©e/fiancĂ©. You may just end up spoiling the fun in enjoying the company of family members. If you are not invited to serve or play a significant role, just relax, enjoy the company of those around you and put on your observation cap. This may very well be your first immersion experience.
You can see we didn’t include behind closed doors. If that’s all you wish to do, it’s time to knock on the doors of the pastor for counseling! So where have you gone to of late? Feel free to share.Mrs. Omolola Omoteso-Famuyiwa is a minister who is passionate about sharing God's words for the healing of others.